Marduk Dragonsblood

NPC Guildmaster


Rank: Guildmaster
Race: Human
Class: Fighter
Age: 62

A veteran of several wars and many battles, vanquisher of countless beasts from goblins to dragons, and highly renowned sell-sword, Marduk Dragonsblood has been there, fought that, and has the scars and gold to show for it. As guildmaster, he takes more of an advisory role rather than the role of a leader. Guild members are self-driven and autonomous for the most part, provided they act with some degree of discipline, and continue to bring gold and glory to the guild. Marduk is a wise man, and he is always there to offer his followers guidance whenever they are in need. Despite his age, he is still a highly capable warrior, and only a fool would take him lightly.


Marduk Dragonsblood

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